What does “real freedom” mean?

Thanks to shifting and unpacking I found my old children classic books.

Thought why not re read them.

While going through one of them, I came across this wonderful learning… What real freedom means?

Excerpt from book “Gavin and the Monster” by author “Hugh Steadman Williams” –

“You know,” said the White Knight, “it’s a strange thing, but what real freedom means is that when things are at their worst, we can still be at our best. And when life looks darkest, that may be the moment to decide to shine, like the stars on a dark night.”

A lovely thought which the White Knight simply to the 2 main characters in the book.

Don’t remember if this made an impact in my mind when I was a kid and had read this book the first time, but today it makes more sense to me. Another message which could have been intended for me.

We usually tend to forget we can overcome struggles by calmly working out. We just tend to let the dark cloud gather around and keep getting bog down with it, missing out as the White Knight said the beautiful stars popping here and there like solutions.

Even the darkest night would have a small tiny little hope of star shining over it, we just need to keep a lookout.



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