Ran for my life …Comical incidence

It was chilly Sunday morning back in Feb 2011. I was towards the end of my official trip to London. Sunday being an off, I decided to utilise it by visiting GMT. With my colleague having some other plan, I headed alone towards the Global Meridian Time Park.

On my way out I decided to grab the last few packs of sweet nut bars I had carried from India. (Tip: Never bring back the food you carried from home, chances are it can leave your mum worrying on what did you survive :p)

I reached my destination station by noon, still had quite a bit of walk before me. Decided to grab a subway sandwich before I started towards GMT park.

Winter days are short and too short when in London. By 3.00 PM it starts turning dark. As advised by localities one should stay safe from bag snatchers. With so many warnings blasted on me, I decided to quickly see things around and return back to apartment. To reach the main GMT line I had to pass the super grand Queens Palace. Amazing infrastructure of what I could quickly see. On my way I saw many squirrels. They were being offered little titbits to grab attention for a closer picture by many tourists. I tried to click a few pics as well in the act but alas wasn’t that lucky.

While in GMT park, I came across a secret garden section where if lucky one could see a rare group of deer come out to grab a drink of water from a small pool. Quite of few tourists waited there in hope of catching a glimpse of the same. Curious enough I decided to walk along the secret garden railing to see if they could be somewhere further down. I soon realised I was alone who had decided to follow the path. Everyone else were still either waiting near water pond, or given up the search and exited the park. Light still showed up in the sky… I decided to walk on.

As I was following the secret garden I saw a “cute” little squirrel. I was still looking for a perfect picture. Its a squirrel, why would it pose for me and stand still. But I still wanted a picture. I decided to remove a pack of sweet nut bar I had in my overcoat pocket to lure it.

The squirrel was quite further away from where I was standing, but it understood what was in my hand. And darted towards me. Before I could realise a few more had joined him. Scared I took few steps back to suddenly realise there were around 100s of squirrel darting from everywhere towards the 3″ inch nut bar in my hand.

Someone save me!!!

I ran for my life.

Luckily the chasers decided to give up on me. And luckily no one had seen me!

I could have been a youtube hit, if someone had recorded me. A girl being chased by 100+ squirrels!!

I did manage to click one image of squirrels few years later in my home town in our building park. And that too without any sweet nut bar to lure it. Will dig the picture and share with you soon.

(Image Details – View from GMT – Queens Palace in background Canary Wharf)



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