Are you in your dream job? (Part 1)

Dream job, oh no, that is only in dreams. It wouldn’t give me the required money to survive. Isn’t this a common statement we hear so often these days.

We may wish to do some other work, but then basic survival instincts force us to remain in the job we are.

Work → to earn → to survive = Job Satisfaction → ZERO = State of mind → FRUSTRATED

So what, survival is more important for me. I need to feed my family, I need to maintain a status in life.

Point taken.

Agreed survival is basic necessity. And we tend to forget our dream job somewhere.

We start building our world around the job we find and keep thinking we are ALIVE. Life carries on. Thanks to no job satisfaction, frustration keeps building up, life moves on. With frustration and over work, medications become a part of our lives, life moves on.

Does life seriously move on? or do we just manage to survive.

Suddenly we realise

  • we are 40 looking 60,
  • account is still with balance “zero”,
  • asset maybe a small house or nothing,
  • life insurance policy which we took to save some tax,
  • frustration account – completely filled to brim,
  • medicine supply requirement huge,
  • Blood pressure / diabetes become our pals,

and we still need to report to work at 9.00 AM tomorrow morning. Work whose boss we wish to _________, colleagues who we don’t know why they exist.

Doesn’t sound like a HAPPY person, does it?

Whom are you working for? Self… for your family. Then why do your life not sound happy at 40 but you appearing 60?

Think over it….

….to be continued.

Do leave your comments and thoughts on above.

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