Are we going solo? 

Was out earlier today for an interview. Decided to travel towards destination in a share cab so I arrive in proper condition for interview. 

Thought was that share cab doesn’t after all get shared, hope nobody else books it. 

See someone was already settled in cab by the time it came to pick me up. A chap with all his bags n suitcase busy chit chatting with every other person on this earth.

Buzz off please I need to prepare for my interview!! Guess I had to wait for this chap to get off before I could read something. 

So unavoidably I landed hearing up all his conversation. (Sorry he was too loud, I tried switching on some music too but it didn’t help)

Traveling to Mumbai for some family function. Couldn’t handle the family gathering and stay setup hence decided to move out. Too many people in same flat he said. I can’t handle I just told my uncle my boss is calling and so I left. Left to stay in a service apt!! 

Is this the case with new generation. Can’t handle the fun and frolic of staying with family. Can’t handle the relations. 

Are we going solo? 

If we look at our parents and their lifestyle everyone was so bonded. Anything wrong at one end, rest of the family would be there to support. Anything happy be it super basic, everyone in family would be there to rejoice and celebrate. 

If we look at new gen, they don’t like the music and fun n madness that comes with family & functions. But at same time if friends were partying n drinking they are all game. Though how many of these friends are standing by your side in your worries? And how many to celebrate the smallest happiness. 

Why there is such increase in cases of depressions? Why there is such increase in cases of heartaches? 

Think over it….


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