Worries stopping rational thinking?

Simple scenario which most of us would have experienced sometime in our lives. Criticism or use of “not so required term” intended towards us – by a stranger, colleague or for that matter our family or friends. 

What’s our reaction when we hear one? Does it affect us, feel bad and irritated?

Think about it. 

There could be someone walking on street who may suddenly turn and say to you “You are mad”. What would be your reaction hearing this stranger? 

Natural reaction is the irritation in mind comes out on this stranger. 

Reaction – Mad me!! Who the hell are you? You are mad not me!! 

But what are we doing… believing in this strangers verdict of stating us mad and reacting over it. 

Why is this the case? Our mind is so blocked with  worries and tensions that it’s stopping us from thinking rationally. 

Result we accepting the strangers verdict and landing up being more irritated then in first place. 

Challenges are part of our lives there to gauge our patience level. We can either give in with worries and start reacting all over, or we can fight it out and stand strong. 

Choice is ours. 

Think over it. 

(Do feel free to share your thoughts)


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